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Meet the Gang



Caz has been a bit obsessed with murder and mystery ever since she developed a childhood crush on the wonderful George from the Famous Five. 

She spends most of her spare time reading crime fiction, and even tries her hand at writing it too.

Caz hails from Edinburgh, and is currently living in beautiful New Zealand. But all this Noirthern nonsense is making her awfully homesick.


Still, she can't wait 'til the Noirthern team get to Edinburgh, so she can show Dan and Katie round her beautiful hometown, then treat them to a haggis supper and a can of Irn Bru.



Katie is a writer and recovering academic.


She was born in Mexborough, Doncaster, and still lives in Donny with her partner, a fellow crime thriller aficionado called Mat, and their dog, Oscar. 


Katie doesn't half love a bit of crime fiction, especially if it's Northern Noir. Ever since her childhood obsession with Nancy Drew books, Katie has read, watched and collected crime fiction. Her home even boasts a Crime Fiction Room (aka the lounge), where her collection is housed, complete with crime fiction inspired wall prints. 


If she's not working on her latest book then she's likely to be drinking Yorkshire Tea Bedtime Brew while reading or watching something a bit dark, like The Fall, The Sinner, The Killing, The Bridge or any other crime series with a title starting with ‘The’. 


Some of her current favourite crime fiction authors include Denise Mina, Belinda Bauer, Jane Harper, and JD Kirk. 





Dan makes TV, radio and now podcasts it seems.

He went back to his Northern roots when he went from The South Bank Show to The Jeremy Kyle Show in the space of a weekend.

On the road, when Dan's not asking Caz and Katie if 'we're nearly there yet', he quietly drives from the back-seat, twiddling his knobs and watching for clues.



Book Review Editor


Mat  is  an academic and fan of crime fiction.

His favourite crime fiction authors include Jo Nesbo, Jane Harper, and Belinda Bauer. 

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Mathew Guest Noirthern


Graphic Designer


Melody is a South Yorkshire born artist behind the Noirthen artwork. 

If you'd like to see more of Melody's work then head to the Cavern of Melody Clark or see her Linktree here. 

Melody Clark Noirthern Artist

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Sound Designer


Born and raised in a tiny Cheshire village, Olivia spent time living in Scotland before moving slightly further afield to Argentina, but eventually returned to her Northern roots and now works as a podcast producer at Reform Radio in Manchester. 

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Mateja is a composer from northern Serbia, so you could say that he's a Northerner at heart. When he is not working on music, he likes to relax watching movies and TV shows and is not a stranger to occasional gaming. To hear more of Mateja's work, head to his Artlist profile"

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